The application of the four components of george ritzers theory in the mcdonaldization of society on

Implications for policy making. The last Moaims at being a source of perspectives that overarch sociological theory. America has grown to connect the quantity of a product with the quality of a product and that "bigger is better". It was not overly technical, gave many practical and real-life examples, and appealed to my interests.

George Ritzer

Throughout the food production, everything is standardized and highly calculated: Yet, these textbooks are surprisingly sold out worldwide, only to be slightly revised to reflect local standards.

Additionally, quantity or calculability becomes the measurement of good performance. McDonald's delivers products quickly and easily without inputting an excessive amount of money. We as practitioners in the information world need to have an open eye for what can be learnt from the world of the golden arches, to be wary of the pitfalls, and to be hopeful that we can make the distinction in time.

It turns out that over-rationalizing a process in this manner has an unexpected side effect. The McDonald's food is already "pre-prepared", the potatoes are already cut and processed, just needing to be fried and heated, and the food preparation process is monitored and tracked. Quite a large number of advantages can be mentioned to offset the disadvantages of the effect it has on the environment and the dehumanizing work settings that are created.


With raising rates of disease, cancer, obesity and also it has created a horrifying amount environmental problems, I have to agree with him. The last two subsets of Mu are looking more at the macrolevel of sociology than the other two subsets.

Deskilling — A work force with the minimum abilities possible to complete simple focused tasks. He also points out that " t here's no catering to special interests at McDonald's" Efficiency — the optimal method for accomplishing a task.

The role of quantified measures like ratings as means of deciding what we will see on TV and what not, need neither be mentioned to stress the point.

Visiting Professor, University of SalzburgAustria From Metatheorizing to Rationalization He further states that beyond dehumanization further irrationalities emerge; including the inefficient masses of red tape, over quantification leading to low quality work, unpredictability as employees grow unclear about what they are supposed to do, or the loss of control due to other things.

The internal-intellectual sector of M identifies the "schools of thought" and the structure of current sociologists and social theories.

Critically examine Ritzer’s theory of “The Mcdonaldization of Society” giving relevant examples

New social theory is created due to the complex study and interpretation of other sociologists. Computer graded exams will be used more frequently than written essay exams to make it more efficient for the instructors.George Ritzer (born October 14, ) is an American sociologist, professor, and author who studies globalization, metatheory, patterns of consumption, and modern and postmodern social theory.


His most notable contribution to date is his concept of McDonaldization, which draws upon Max Weber's idea of rationalization through the lens of the fast food currclickblog.comtion: American Sociologist. McDonaldization: Ritzer’s Global Nightmare A.

Defining McDonaldization According to Ritzer, McDonaldization is ‘the process by which the principles of the fastfood restaurant are coming to dominate more and more the sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world’ (Ritzer, 1).

The McDonaldization of Society () In this provocative book, George Ritzer explores how Weber's classic thoughts on rationalization take on new vitality and meaning when applied to the process of McDonaldization. He describes this as the process by which the principles of the fast food restaurants are coming to dominate more and more sectors of society in the United States as well as the rest of the.

According to George Ritzer, in his book The Mcdonaldization of Society, he defines this theory of Mcdonaldization of having four main components. They are: currclickblog.comtability having emphasis on discipline, systematization and routine so that things are the same from one time or place to another.

Ritzer argues that McDonaldization is simply the process of rationalization (that has been observed as long ago as when Max Weber was writing in the late s and early s) taken to greater extremes than Weber would have imagined.

In essence, McDonaldization is the process of rationalization, albiet taken to extreme levels. Rationalization is a sociological term that simply means the substitution of logically consistent rules for traditional (or illogical) rules.

The application of the four components of george ritzers theory in the mcdonaldization of society on
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