Single pie chart ielts academic writing

Does it include a variety of sentence structures? In most cases there will be too much information for you to mention each figure. The pie chart below is divided into four different sections, illustrates the main reasons why agricultural land degrades around the world, while the table compares the degradation by regions, including North America, Europe and the Oceania, during the s.

Pie charts – different ways to describe percentages

Maybe we know because we have a friend in Germany that the change is because Berlin has become very trendy. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

IELTS Academic Writing Task Sample 1

Now read sample answer one. Does it meet the word limit requirements? AK July 8, at However, this does not mean that you should note every detail. This year the government's expense was 53 million on health and personal social services, which was the second largest sector in terms of expenditure made by the UAE government.

Report structure As in the line graphs task, your report should be structured simply with an introduction, body and conclusion. Currently, i am focussing on essays, but I will try and post something more helpful on task 1 in the nearish future.

Dominic Cole July 12, at Best regards Reply Dominic Cole December 3, at Approximately words Model Answer 2: The most striking feature was that over-cultivation had zero impact in Oceania as it was mostly affected by over-grazing.

Write at least words. So check the time frame, use the appropriate tense. Meanwhile, the table lists the percentages of land degradation caused in the three regions in the world in the s.

Investment income, government grants, and other income were very small sources of revenue, accounting for only 0. Is it in square cubic feet? However, the least amount of budget was spent on the transportation system, AED 9 billion.

Take a look at the question and chart first. In Europe, the most detrimental cause of land degradation is deforestation by human beings which stood at 9. You should spend around 20 minutes on the task.

Here is a link to download the answer sheet. Another major factor influencing a move to the UK was for formal study, with over a quarter of people immigrating for this reason. Typically, if you do get a pie chart, you also get another chart too.

It can be clearly seen that women received a much higher level of education in Someland in than they did in The total budget was AED billion. So I suggest that you aim to write a good paragraph about this pie chart not the full words.Readers are invited to ask the author questions: [email protected] shall reply as possible in a timely fashion.

Writing task one: pie charts

Q&A is a gratuitous professional courtesy and. PTE exam memories have these questions shared by students appeared in recent share memories of your exam. Lesson on an IELTS Pie Chart, Writing task 1.

In this lesson we will look at.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Essential Preparation Tips

1. The structure for IELTS Writing task 1 2. Preparation for the IELTS Exam. Free tips, advice and lessons for IELTS writing, speaking, listening and reading.

IELTS Writing task 1 academic has the same structure for all the tasks. This is different for. IELTS Pie Chart: This lesson provides you with tips and advice on how to describe an IELTS Pie Chart in order to get a high band score. This is s common type of chart to appear in the IELTS test so it's essential that you know how to tackle them.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Pie Chart:» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The pie chart gives information on UAE government spending. In the Academic Test Task 1 you need to write a report based on information contained in a graph, graphs, pie chart, or a diagram.

You need to write over .

Single pie chart ielts academic writing
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