If countries are serious about solving traffic problem they should tax private cars heavily

Many people find it very difficult to balance their responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

It is better to have a single language for the whole world. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Popular events like football world cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

Their working traffic models typically use a combination of macro- micro- and mesoscopic features, and may add matrix entropy effects, by "platooning" groups of vehicles and by randomising the flow patterns within individual segments of the network.

Rich countries should allow jobs for skilled and knowledgeable people from the poor countries? Some of the people who are not in a good financial position, but must have a car to travel to work will suffer.

Students should be encouraged to criticize and evaluate their teachers in order to improve the quality of education. Firstly, many people live in areas which are not covered by public transportation, such as those who lived in rural areas or countryside.

The term originated in the United States in — specifically, from Newscasters at KTLAa local television stationwhen a rash of freeway shootings occurred on theand 10 freeways in Los Angeles, California.

Which do you think is preferable?

Traffic and Transport Essays

Suggest some solutions for this problem. What do you consider to be the major achievement of the twentieth century?

Traffic congestion

In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies. What impact does this have on the relationship between old and young people?

In conclusion, the solution of charging private car owner with high vehicle tax rate to reduce traffic problems has its own benefits and drawbacks.

IELTS Essay Sample on Traffic Problems

As a result,these naturally obtained oils could protect environment from green house emissions, bio degradation. Attending a live performance for example a play, concert, or sporting event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television.

It has been found that individual incidents such as accidents or even a single car braking heavily in a previously smooth flow may cause ripple effects a cascading failure which then spread out and create a sustained traffic jam when, otherwise, normal flow might have continued for some time longer.

While this strategy is a very good solution but perhaps allocating some part of transport system budget to develop freeways would be a fundamental solution as people can use their own cars without making traffics.

To sum up, Rising fuel prices is not the optimal approach to bring down the amount of traffic congestion and pollution issues. Do you agree with this statement? These government could be solving that reducing private cars by direct taxation and encouraging residents use public transport systems such as railways by using the money from above taxes to support ticket price for passenger.

Traffic congestion

Do you support this growing trend? Computers are essential feature of modern education. So, it has to be plan properly in terms of standardisation rules in Asia for example to letting private car owners to pay taxes according to the range of cars on the annual basis.

Some people say domestic animals, like cats, should not be kept in cities. Following this, it causes many different problems such as air pollution and accidents. The education course should be provided for all drivers whenever it is necessary.Firstly, the large numbers of private vehicle on the street of Kathmandu has been a major problem resulting in traffic congestion.

People are not able to reach their destination at time. Even the ambulance carrying serious patient is not able to reach hospital in time. If countries are serious about solving traffic problems, they should tax private cars very heavily and use the money to provide free or very cheap rail travel.

In what extent do you agree or disagree?%(3). If countries are serious about solving traffic problems, they should tax private cars very heavily and use the money to provide free or very cheap rail travel To what extent do you agree with the above. And they are essentially the same problem - too many fake taxi cars are creating traffic congestion while adding pollution and waste by "adding billion vehicle miles to nine major urban areas over six years".

Traffic problems essay: This is a traffic problems essay and the specific topic is the taxing of car drivers in order to reduce these problems. In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation.

This would mean that they would begin to make use of. The Real Problem. Traffic congestion is not primarily a problem, but rather the solution to our basic mobility problem, which is that too many people want to move at the same times each day.

If countries are serious about solving traffic problem they should tax private cars heavily
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