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Native title is unique in this sense, when compared with other interest in law. The Native Title Act came into operation on 1 January For its part, CDC took the following actions: Their claim was rejected by the Federal Court on the grounds that pastoral leases for that land, granted by the Queensland government over the years, had extinguished their native title.

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The people with the most to lose from new government legislation on native title were the mining companies and the pastoralists. The Native Title Act provides an innovative and accessible approach to settle native title claims.

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The term 'native title' was used in the Mabo judgements to describe the interests and rights of Indigenous inhabitants in law, whether communal, group or individual, possessed under the traditional laws acknowledged, and the traditional customs observed, by the Indigenous inhabitants.

The defendants in the case; the State of Queensland, said that a lease was a lease no matter what way you define it.

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These allocations will be invested so as to accumulate a self-sustaining fund for land acquisition and management. I appreciate that more than anything right now.

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This seemingly honest and simply request fuels a great deal of dramatic tension among the jurors, many of whom are predisposed to conflicting views. Find out more about SARS: The report estimated that between one in three and one in ten Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families between and The eye-witnesses manipulate and distort the facts to confirm their personal views.

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(20 marks) (a) A 5-year corporate bond with a % coupon rate is trading at $ (the face value is $). Flinders did so, but allowed himself the footnote: Template:Quote This is the only occurrence of the word Australia in that text; but in Appendix III when the High Court case Mabo v Queensland (No 2) overturned the notion of Australia as The final constitutional ties between Australia and the UK were severed with the passing of the.

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before segueing into a more upbeat mambo about the Mabo decision by the High Court of Australia and his attempts to use the decision to promote a reconciliation agenda In the final number.

Final mabo quote sheet 2
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