Festival of buffalo fights

Buffalo Fighting Festival in Vietnam

The buyers show a lot of concern about the head of the animal and three standards must be met: The winners of these matches will have two more matches to choose the first, second and third winner.

It was then loaded by an excavator to the slaughtering house. The buffalo from Hai Phong was killed immediately in the first second of the fight, after being butted but its rival.

Untilonly one commercial breeder was in the United States. Moreover, the other collectors must quickly support him to keep hold of the buffalo. Hai Luu buffalo fighting festival this year had 26 buffaloes, representing 19 hamlets of the commune.

In the most miserable moment, suddenly, people saw two buffalos fighting fiercely on the wave crests and the rains started to pour down, revive all creature.

Usually short, big legs with furry knees like wild buffalo and round hoofs are good. The matches varied in terms of time, depending on the strength and stamina of the buffalos.

Water availability is important in hot climates, since they need wallows, rivers, or splashing water to assist in thermoregulation. There may be a popular belief in this culture, and how this life Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival maintains this tradition, but recently it has been suggested that won butchered buffalo fighting, more is openly butchered, sold openly, and people buy that buffalo meat is blowing excited huh, is a scary thing, not consistent with the festive spirit of charity towards people.

A man is disappointed when the buffalo of his home team lost in the fight. After the live export ban that year, the exports dropped to zero, and had not resumed as of June Annually on the ninth day of the eighth lunar month, thousands of people flock to the Do Son stadium to witness the attractive performances of buffaloes within the festival, an outstanding and unique in Vietnam which is associated with different legends.

Amazing Buffalo Fight | Hai Luu Viet Nam Festival 2018| [ 24 vs 28] Fight to death 16 01 2018

Tens of thousands of spectators were surprised. It is also kept alone so that it can never see other buffaloes. Each small hamlet builds its own training round. The preparation for this buffalo fighting festival is an elaborate process, from the 5th and the 6th lunar month itself.

After the ceremony, those who have been chosen set out to buy the buffalo.

Buffalo Fighting

A good river male can impregnate females in a year. The ceremony is held in every village and chaired by its patriarch to pray for the victory at the buffalo fight, typically express the martial spirit of the local people in Do Son, Hai Phong.

Water buffalo

A buffalo that has four tufts of hair or two linked tufts of hair on its body is considered good. Thousands of people watch the competition in rain.

The competition attracts 32 buffalos. After raising enough money, the head of the hamlet holds a meeting with the old people in the hamlet who have experience in buffalo fighting to make offerings to the gods and to choose someone to buy a buffalo.

After the offering, the fighting buffaloes are taken to the fighting circle, which is a large, flat area of about 2 hectares in front of the communal house. This is one of the most ancient folklore festivals, which has been preserved with its pristine characteristics.

Abouthead were estimated in Sri Lanka in It is also rich in folk culture, due to an annual festival of buffalo fights held on the 9th day of the 8th lunar month. Many fodder crops are conserved as hay, chaffed, or pulped. Some breeds are adapted to saline seaside shores and saline sandy terrain.

The preparation for this buffalo fighting festival is an elaborate process, from the 5th and the 6th lunar month itself. It was also recorded thatbuffalo were in Nepal.

Eight pairs were chosen for the finals on February After that, a messenger holding a very big megaphone says: The dance was mingled with the ebullient sound of drums and gongs, bringing a hectic atmosphere to the festival.

Swamp buffalo carry their calves for one or two weeks longer than river buffalo. In the late s, live exports were made to Cuba and continued later into other countries.

Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival

These were probably a present from the Khan of the Avarsa Turkic nomadic tribe that dwelt near the Danube River at the time. Also, it is widely believed among villagers that eating the meat of festival participating buffaloes will bring them good lucks.

Fodders include alfalfathe leaves, stems or trimmings of bananacassavaMangelwurzelespartoLeucaena leucocephala and kenafmaizeoatsPandanuspeanutsorghumsoybeansugarcanebagasseand turnips. As a matter of fact, Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival has been long conducted within the region since the 18th century.

When it is time for training, the buffalo receives higher proportion of food. In the early s, an estimated population oftobuffalo were living in the plains and nearby areas.Buffalo fighting is a century-old tradition to the people of Koh Samui.

In fact, it's one of the most popular pastimes of the residents. When it comes to experiencing the culture and traditions of Thailand, you will find a plenty of unique cultural attractions on Koh Samui.

May 01,  · The Buffalo Fighting Festival has a history that is dated back to the time of the Hung Kings. At that time, there was a market in Phu Ninh called. Nov 19,  · Most Powerful Buffalo Fighting Festival in !

Buffalo is one of the most powerful animals of the worlds. Here in this video, we show the greatest funny a. Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival takes off with a colorful procession with an octet and a big procession chair, carried by six strong young men.

The chosen buffalos, covered with red cloth and red band around their horns, are taken to the fighting ring by 24 young men, from each side dressed in red. For the winning buffalo to fight high rank (the finals) the day the Assembly (9 / 8 lunar calendar), Qualifying rounds must be done before (in June lunar calendar).

According to custom, three villages take part in this festival. However, sometimes the fight may turn more aggressive as the buffalo’s push each other within the arena.

It is rumoured that prices to enter are around baht for men and women enter free. However, prices do change and prime seats may be more expensive. 2 Comments.

Festival of buffalo fights
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