Baisakhi essay in sanskrit

They have no other significance. It was an excellent amalgamation of oratory skills, facial expressions and voice modulation. In order to build them strong, enlightened, productive and sensible individuals, plethora of activities are organized to hone their talent and skill. As part of the commemoration, Dadi svaad da poorha is cooked, as a homage to a holy man who fed the brother-sister duo on their foot journey.

Ugadi Festival

The thief returned everything and asked us to forgive him. There is no reliable source material on the subject and it is not possible to establish any chronology. The school activities like tournaments, picnic and other functions are the source of great joy. Since a caste is endogamous, it must attain a certain minimum size for maintaining its identity.

The changes have been particularly rapid after the partition. The Khatris were confined to upper Punjab while the Aroras inhabited not only upper Punjab but also lower Punjab and Sind.

Everyone enjoyed the race. The relationship between these two groups is non-symmetrical. Satluj was the eastern boundary for both.

Vishu Festival

After him the kingdom split into two warring parts with Jhelum as the dividing line. IN the meantime many people had gathered there after hearing the noise. There were two type of settlers.

Aroras are recognized as coming from the same ethnic stock as Khatris but are ranked lower, while Bhatias have always been considered to be separate. Many legends are a recent creation. It comprises a number of sub-castes or clans which practice exogamy.

The legend must have been influential in its time because it succeeded in putting the Aroras on the back foot. This is because the rituals are conducted strictly in accordance with the method prescribed in the Shiva Purana, a Hindu epic.

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A small band of Khatris who had supported the proposal were isolated as Sarins. There is no implicit approval or disapproval of any practice that is reported.

The session received an overwhelming response from the students as they raised their queries that were well addressed. I shall then present my own hypothesis on the origin of the Khatri caste and also suggest some specific DNA tests to test the hypothesis. I loudly called thief.

Khatris in Punjab were able to enlist Brahmin support for themselves and self-consciously insisted on calling themselves Khatri. Surely there were Kshatriyas, including the Haihaya, in the post-Parshuram period See Pargiter for details.


Thus we become good citizens and lead a successful life in future. The school prepares us to fight the battle of life valiantly.

Vishu Festival

I did not fear and at last overpowered him. Food is a major focus with families partaking in feasts and sharing mithai.Sikh.

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Ugadi Festival

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Baisakhi essay in sanskrit
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